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Winter 2020 Fashion Trend That Cool And Worth To Try

2020 is almost here and the first season to face is winter. Fashion becomes important to face the turn of the year, especially in winter. Winter 2020 fashion trend is adapting back to old fashion. The following is a winter fashion trend that can be used in 2020.

1. Faux Fur

The first trend of this winter is the use of faux fur. Fur has become a powerful material to warm the body when the weather is cold. And the fur used is faux fur which is more environmentally friendly. This aims to reduce the use of animal hair.

This material is usually used as the output such as a coat or jacket. This trend combines fur material with other feminine support clothes. Hairstyles and face makeup also have to adjust to this mode to look contrast.

2. Houndstooth

The next winter 2020 fashion trend is the use of the Houndstooth motif. This classic motif has many boxes that will still make users of this fashion mode look cool and elegant. This fashion trend has a contrast of black and white with a combination of classic retro and androgyny.

This form of fashion usually combines the outer coat, shirt and pants, or overalls with a houndstooth motif. Also use contrasting makeup and can also be added to the hat with a classic fashion too.

3. Volume

Clothing that fills the body so it looks fluffy can be worn when winter arrives. Aside from being warm, clothing with this volume will make the person wearing it look cool. This volume of fashion trend also reflects the issue of global warming facing the community.

So, in addition to protecting the body, it looks trendy but can remind people with global issues to care about the environment. Clothing in this volume trend can be a dress that expands. Or it could be a thick knee-length coat.

4. Pop Feathers

When winter comes, people can still look glamorous and trendy. Namely by using inspiration from the glory era of Holywood. The clothes are combined with pop feathers with striking colors. This clothing can use a dress covered with feathers or just use feathers as a scarf.

Usually, people will need this clothing trend when having to attend certain events. That is why the pop feathers became one of the winter 2020 fashion trends.

5. Neon Color

Which became one of the trends during the next winter 2020 is the use of neon colors. This color is quite attractive so that it will display a fresh and different feel. This pretty prominent color was taken from inspiration in 1980.

This color was used in the Rave festival for colorful play. Many people have used this color and nothing looks tacky. This color will be suitable for both casual wear and outerwear.

6. Climate Change

The impact of climate change seems to be the inspiration of designers to create winter fashion trends. This dress looks a little strange but still comfortable to use. Examples of this model are like combining leggings, thick jackets with feathers.

Even more extreme, this dress uses a hat that covers the face and leaves only the eyes. In extreme weather, these clothes will be suitable for use.

6 above fashion inspiration becomes winter 2020 fashion trend. To welcome the new year with this season, you can use comfortable but trendy clothes. Winter clothes do not have to be always monotonous, but they can combine fashion clothes so they are a cool trend.