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fashion rules for the royal family

These Are Some Fashion Rules For The Royal family You Should Know

The British Royal family usually has a different style and they have specific rules about the fashion style. Every media from over the world always put attention to the royal family fashion style. Usually, they have a good looking style with a glamorous impression where no one can use it with the same aura. However, the royal family should use formal suits to appear prim all the time. There are available a lot of fashion rules for the royal family.

fashion rules for the royal family

However, the entire royal family is not free to choose and use every clothes they want. You may never be expected before, their lives are not as easy as you think. They should use the glamour style and have an elegant fashion in every moment. From the kids, they are treated and demanded to use dress modestly. Here are some fashion rules for the royal family you would ever know before.

1. Bright Colors are Only For the Queen

You may ever see it before, the moment when the Queen using colorful dress in some events. She just likes trying to stand out to everyone near her while she in a crowd. Queen Elizabeth II ever use lime green, canary yellow, and monochromatic fuchsia uniform. That dress looks fit on her and in no way diminish the grace impression. On the other hand, her bodyguards are still using the black suit as usual.

2. Hats are a Must for Women

The Royal rules every woman from the royal family using hats to every official event. This rule is being appointed for a long time ago near 1950 and still applied until this day. Moreover, the queen still holds on to this tradition to make it sill alive especially in a formal event like a wedding party. If the women are not brought his hats, they usually using another thing like a crown or a headscarf.

3. Young Princess Never Wear Pants

Fashion rules on the British royal family are not only for the adults but also for the children. When the princess is still young, they are prohibited to use pants and only use the shorts one. You can see it on the old photos of 3 British princes, William, Harry, and George. In British fashion rules, trousers and long pants are only for the older boys and men. However, this fashion has come from the old centuries and they still doing it until now.

4. Gloves for Protection

We usually see the queen or other royal family using gloves in any events. They use it for several reasons, especially for protection purposes. Many diseases can spread from the hand touch. This makes the royal family worried about the prince and princess’s safety so they require them to use gloves. They make it as the fashion rules and it still looks match with every dress they use.

So, this is the end of the article and these are some fashion rules for the royal family. Outside there, available other rules for them and it has different purposes. They put attention in everything they use and still maintains the impression of being polite and authoritative.