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dress ideas for flower girl

5 Dress Ideas For Flower Girl That Timeless

The flower girl is always synonymous with flowers.  Even all the items are identical with flowers.  Therefore, it is not surprising that flower girls wear dresses full of flowers.  Here are 5 dress ideas for flower girl, namely:

1. Lace dress

one of dress Idea For flower girl is lace dress. Lacy dress will make the dress more beautiful and look like flowers, with lace accents on the dress.  Renda will show the identity of the flower girl.  Therefore, use lace to dress the flower girl. How to make it, use lace with matching colors.  You should draw a pattern beforehand.  Thus, you can determine what kind of lace you will make, the model and its size.

2. Dress with a ribbon

A dress full of ribbons will show the characteristics of a flower girl.  Dress with a ribbon can be shaped like a flower or an ordinary ribbon.  Importance, color selection.  Use soft colors like flower colors for the appearance of the flower girl.  The flower will be a beautiful look.

How to make it use colorful ribbons.  You can shape it into a bouquet or you can attach the ribbon-like ribbon in general.  If you use the second way, you should use colors that match the dress, so that the dress still looks beautiful.

3. Dress with flower brooch

One of the dress Idea For flower girl is using flower brooch. Take one or several brooches and then put it on the dress to form a bunch of flowers.  Thus, the dress will be more beautiful.

Using a brooch can make it yourself or buy a brooch that is ready to be on the market.  If you want to be more varied, you can make it yourself, how to provide a special pin for a brooch, leaves made of fabric that is ready to use, or you can also make it yourself using green ribbons, glue, ribbons of various colors.

Next, shape the ribbon into the shape of a rose, attach the leaf to the pin, then paste the flower.  Done, the beautiful brooch is ready to beautify the dress.

4. Dress in a matching hat

A hat that is decorated with flowers in a matching color with a dress will make the dress look beautiful. You can make hat yourself with materials and colors that match the dress.

How to make it, use fabric with the same color and material as the dress, foam, scissors, and glue.  How to make it, make a pattern for a hat on foam, glue a cloth using glue on the foam.  You can decorate the hat with various decorative flowers.  Done, the beautiful hat is ready to enhance your appearance when you use a dress.

5. Dress With 2 Layer

Another one from the dress ideas for flower girl is a dress with 2 layers. In the first layer, you can use chiffon or silk and for the second layer, you can use lace or tutu.  Thus, the dress will form like a flower, which matches the characteristics of the flower girl.

You can make it by drawing a pattern beforehand, so the results are tidier.  If you can’t make it yourself, you can use the services of a tailor to help make it.  Don’t forget to include a picture so the results are what you want.

Thus, 5 dress ideas for flower girls.  You can start making it make the flower girl look more beautiful. You can also hone your creativity by developing these ideas.