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Some of the Best Pattern for Leather Bag For You!

This day, most accessories are using leather for one of its ingredients. The creator using leather to add some beautiful touch to the products. Also, for whoever used the products, they can feel an elegant and luxurious impression. Sadly, any products that use leather are sold at a high price. Moreover, the creators give some pattern for leather bag to make it more awesome.

Honestly, you can use that “high-price” bag with some leather without spending too much money. But it will be a little bit harder than buying a new one. Buy leather and be ready for your old bag. After that wrapped it with those leather then sewing it. You don’t need to be worried about the pattern you should use. In this article, we will try to write down some of the pattern for leather bags only for you!

1. Colorblock Clutch

So this is the first pattern for leather bag you should try as a newbie. This is the most simple and easy design to embodied. You just need some of the leathers with different color and then mixed it. Make an eye-catching bag that perfects at any time you want to use.

2. Mixed-up Market Bag

If you want a handy bag for your daily routines like go to the market this is the right one. On the other hand, this bag can be fashionable too as long as you have a great idea to mix it. Moreover, you can bring this bag to lunch or night dates with your partner. Make a different layer with some pastel color to make it more beautiful.

3. Leather Bottom Tote Bag

Did you like using a tote bag wherever you go? This will be the best bag design for you to create. However, you should not use leather to covering all your bag section to make it fashionable. Similarly, you can add leather only on the bottom of your bag. Add line patterns on the top of the bag to kill the boring design.

4. Chic Minimalist Purse Pattern

Giving a minimalist design to your bag can be another option for you. It maybe look so simple but when you used it, it can add luxurious aura for you. Just make your bag have only one color like a white or soft blue. Thinking well about the color because another color will make this simple design looks striking. Besides, you can also make some white color and mixed with gold stitching on your bag.

5. Cod-a-Log Bag Wood Carrier

Have you ever wonder about making your firewood carrier becomes more luxurious? Well, it can be a new and fresh idea to be a different fashionable person. You can use faux leather and mixed it with canvas. You should use the canvas because it can make your bag more strong. Don’t forget about the function of a firewood carrier. Now, you can have a bag that has multiple functions.

Well, those are some examples of a pattern for leather bag we can give to you. Use one of them will give you different feelings. Now, you don’t need to be worried again about the prices. If you don’t have a lot of money, then just make it by yourself.