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best fashion brand for hijab

6 Best Fashion Brand For Hijab You Might Want To Try

Using the hijab is an obligation for Muslim women. Although very closed, but it is not impossible for Muslim women to look attractive. There are even some well-known brands that design some hijab fashion. The following are some of the best fashion brand for hijab that you can use.

1. Max Mara

Italy is famous for its fashion style. So it is not strange if the country is the fashion mecca of various countries in the world. Max Mara is a clothing brand for women that is very famous.

It turns out that this brand provides fashion for a hijab that is very cool even though it is very closed. The entire design that this brand makes is very cool. You can even use it when attending formal or informal events.

2. Gucci

Who doesn’t know Gucci? This fashion brand also comes from Italy and is very famous. Gucci already has a myriad of unique and elegant fashion collections. Apparently this brand is also very concerned with Muslim women who have to use closed clothes.

Therefore, Gucci is one of the best fashion brand for hijab that you can use. Even though Gucci’s fashion style looks classic, but if you use it you will still look trendy.

3. Lanvin

A trendy and cool hijab fashion brand, the next one is Lanvin. This fashion house originating from France is also already very well known by various groups of people. The clothing produced by this company is very trendy and also cool.

And most of the career women really like the clothes made by Lanvin. The reason is that this brand always makes formal clothes but still fashionable. Therefore, the clothes made by Lanvin can also be used by Muslim women.

4. Versace

the next best fashion brand for hijab is not inferior to some other brands is Versace. This fashion brand from Italy is also not inferior to other fashion brands that make clothing for headscarves.

Especially now that there are many Muslim women who care about appearance, so Versace makes some fashionable clothes for the hijab. This brand makes a beautiful blend of retro and color-pop style. Of course, many Muslim women who want to try clothes from this one brand.

5. Marc Jacobs

This time the brand came from the United States owned by a famous designer namely Marc Jacobs. The rise of women who use the hijab makes this brand create several fashionable clothes for the hijab. The clothes made by Marc Jacobs are very glamorous and elegant so they will make women who make them look attractive.

The size of the clothes was made large so that women will be even more comfortable when using it. Now even to look attractive, women do not need to appear openly thanks to the work of great designers.

6. Dior

The next best fashion brand for hijab that is no less luxurious and elegant is Dior. This French brand always makes women’s fashion very attractive. That is why many women are always after the works of this one brand.

And for hijab fashion, Dior also tries to make women look attractive and beautiful. Therefore, Dior’s works are always made colorful, casual but still luxurious. This is what makes Dior one of the best brands that always creates clothing for women who wear hijab.

Those are some of the best fashion brands for hijab that can be your reference. Now using the hijab will not prevent you to look good. The reason is that many famous brands have created some cool fashion for Muslim women.