tips and tricks for wearing heels

5 Tips And Tricks For Wearing Heels Every Woman Should Know

Wearing high heels isn’t as comfortable as wearing sneakers or flat shoes. Even so, wearing heels can make you look more feminine, elegant, and you become confident. So that you are not tortured wearing high heels, you should know about tips and tricks for wearing heels.

tips and tricks for wearing heels

Knowing tips and tricks for wearing high heels will make you more comfortable. Besides, you can also wear it for a longer time and less painful when attending certain special events. Let’s check about tips and tricks for wearing heels that you can apply:

1. Wear The Right Size

The main mistake that many women do is buy shoes that are not the right size. Just because the design is cute and the fittings are okay, you ignore the health of your feet.

If you want high heels that are comfortable to wear, they must have the right size. Therefore, measure your feet correctly every time you buy shoes or even high heels. For high heels, you should take sizes that tend to be larger to be comfortable to wear.

2. Add More Cushion

Add a cushion that can be a substitute for the platform to reduce pain in the front of the foot. Adding cushion will also make your toes comfortable despite using high heels.

So, make sure the soles of your feet ‘stick’ perfectly with your high heels. Don’t leave empty space between your feet and shoes because it can cause tense and leg cramps.

3. Educate Yourself on Your Foot Type

There are 4 types of feet you need to know. The 4 types are, flat, normal, high, and also very high. Knowing the soles of your feet will make it easier for you to choose the right high heels for you.

Therefore, you will be comfortable wearing high heels even for a long time. If you wear high heels with the right type of foot, it certainly won’t cause pain. This is because the pressure of high heels will be more easily avoided.

4. Try a High Heels with More Coverage Up Top

If you want more comfortable high heels, choose high heels that have enough coverage at the top of your feet. The more coverage you have on your feet, of course, the better.

High heels that have enough coverage will help your feet to support stronger. In addition, coverage on high heels will make your feet touch perfectly on high heels pads.

5. Choose the Right Type of High Heels

The last tips and tricks for wearing heels are you have to choose the right type of high heels. The type of high heels pointed shoes will press your toes together and will cause a bump on the foot.

In addition, very thin high heels will also produce great pressure for your feet and ankles. Therefore, you can choose high-heeled rounded-toed models that have rounded toe shoes.

Rounded high heels provide enough space for the toes so that your feet are in a natural position. This model high heels shoes are also comfortable for you to wear every day.

Now you already know about tips and tricks for wearing heels. However, avoid wearing high heels every day so that your leg muscles are not too tense. To provide comfort and make your feet healthy, you can also wear flat shoes or sneakers alternately.